How to be a DJ for BeginnersEver since DJing become popular, it has become a recognized art form. More and more people with a knack for musical beats are trying to learn this art. But believe it or not, the answer to the question, how to be a DJ for beginners is quite simple. All you have to do is to master a few basic steps. So this article is focussed on that very question of ‘how to be a DJ for beginners’ and by the end of this read, you will definitely be a better DJ.

Tips for beginners

  • Knowledge is power: Before you jump right in and polish your DJ skills, the first step to answer the question ‘how to be a DJ for beginners’ is probably understanding what a DJ exactly does and also getting familiarised with your equipment. So a DJ basically mixes music.
    This can be done with the help of the complex controls on the DJ equipment. The input controls, the volume changes, the output methods- there is a lot of stuff that you need to cover. Even the best DJ machine is useless if you can’t operate it.

    Turn and twist all the knobs. Use the instruction manual or just go with the flow. Just identify the purpose and usage of each and every component.

  • Tips for DJ beginnersMaster the basics: One cannot hope to find the answer to ‘how to be a DJ for beginners’ without knowing what the basics are. The basics essentially mean the processes involved in the mixing of sound. They can be discussed under different categories.
  • Beatmatch: Every record has a consistent speed (beats-per-minute). Learn to speed this up or slow it down using the pitch controls. Once you have got the right speed, you can ‘beatmatch’ it against other tracks with similar speeds to produce a unique synced sound. This is a way of finding common ground among different records.
  • Read the mood: Track selection is probably the most important task of the best DJ mixer.
    It does not matter how good the track is; if the audience does not respond to it well, then you have failed in doing your job. So make sure you choose the right genre for the right time.

    Try the best DJ setup to liven the mood. And the sequence of tracks is also important. The sequence should be such that the energy of the room keeps building up.

  • Count bars: ‘Bars’ is a fundamental concept that determines the structure of music. Bars are usually of 4, 8, 16 or 32-beat. A basic understanding of these bars is needed to add and remove sound layers from different tracks.
  • Equalise: Some sounds are lost in the music that we hear. This is because our ears are unable to distinguish between sounds in the same range of frequency. The equalizer helps the DJ bring back these lost sounds by adjusting the frequency.

Hope this article has answered the question, how to be a DJ for beginners.

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