Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ Controller Reviewed

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 DJ controller is the most recent product in the Mixtrack series dedicated to entry-level DJing. Its price makes it highly attractive for beginner DJs, but is it the same for its functionality? Buckle up, and let’s see what this DJ controller has got for you….numark mixtrack pro 3Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Features

Having the best DJ controller is exceptionally important. If you love your gear and feel confident with it, then your performance will be at its peak. Albeit Mixtrack Pro 3 is an entry-grade DJ controller, it offers solid looks and good build quality. That’s partly because this controller resembles the mid- and high-range Numark DJ controllers, if you don’t take all the displays and additional buttons of the more expensive models into account.

Touch-sensitive jog wheels

The touch-sensitive jog wheels of Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 are quite nice, especially when compared to those of Mixtrack Pro II. The jog wheels on the older DJ controller were shallower, which compromised their usability quite a bit. That’s fortunately not the case with Mixtrack Pro 3: it is quite easy to both “scratch” through the track and bend the pitch.

In fact, in the wheel mode, touching the top touch-sensitive surface of the jog wheel will allow you to surf through the track, while the non-sensitive sides will allow you to bend the pitch. While not in the wheel mode, the whole jog wheel will bend the pitch of the track. To bend the pitch, you could alternatively use the pair of buttons in the top corners of the DJ controller, which would be quite nice if you are more used to old-school DJing.

Multi-functional touch strip and trigger pads

Another addition in Mixtrack Pro 3 is the touch strips, one per channel. This is a feature that is a must-have in mid- to high-range DJ controllers, and it’s quite nice to see it here. However, its use differs slightly in Mixtrack Pro 3.

While the primary use of touch strips in more expensive DC controllers is scratching through the track, in Mixtrack Pro 3, it has been programmed to manage the wet/dry range of each of the 3 inbuilt effects. Usually, as it was with Mixtrack Pro II and as it is with Numark NVII and NS7III, the effects are controlled through dedicated knobs.

Moving through the track is also possible in Mixtrack Pro 3, but it is done with the Shift button held, which adds some inconvenience to scratching the track. To be honest, it would have made more sense for the touch strip to be used to scratch through the track, while the effects should have been managed through dedicated knobs.

As for the 16 trigger pads (8 per channel), they are quite nice in terms of functions, given the price of Numark Mixtrack Pro 3. However, the way they have been programmed makes them a bit inconvenient to use. To control the loops, you need to use a whole lot of key combinations: for example, you can’t double or halve the loop in auto loop mode, you need to switch to manual loop mode first.

Apart from that, you don’t have such functions as loop rolling or slicing, even if you purchase Serato DJ Pro software. Overall, Mixtrack Pro 3’s pads aren’t as convenient as the ones of more advanced DJ controllers, though they are good for the price.

numark mixtrack pro review

Dedicated controls per channel

Mixtrack Pro 3 also allows you to control treble, mid-range, and bass frequencies per channel. Apart from that and unlike Mixtrack Pro II, you can also manage the filter for each channel separately. Lastly, Mixtrack Pro 3 has dedicated volume controls for each channel, as you would probably expect.

Apart from the dedicated controls, Mixtrack Pro 3 allows you to manage the headphone volume, cue mix, as well as master gain. This DJ controller also has a pair of VU meters for master output to help you not push the signal too hard.

Long pitch sliders

mixtrack pro 3 review


What’s certainly great about Mixtrack Pro 3 is its long pitch sliders, which is a big advantage over other DJ controllers at this price point. Such pitch sliders can be seen in high-end Numark DJ controllers, so you could pretty much control the pitch as precisely as you wish with Mixtrack Pro 3 to 100% match the tracks.


Inbuilt soundcard

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 doesn’t have line inputs for external gear or XLR connectivity, but it has an inbuilt soundcard with a mic input with volume control, full headphone cueing, as well as previewing, meaning that you only need this controller, a PC, and a set of a mic and headphones to get started.

In terms of inputs and outputs, Mixtrack Pro 3 offers a basic mic channel (1/4” TRS) routed to the master output, ¼” and 1/8” headphone sockets, as well as a twin RCA master out, which is pretty standard for DJ controllers in the price range.

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Serato Intro software and Prime Loops toolkit

Numark also offers Serato DJ Intro after product registration, which will be quite nice for entry-level DJing. Keep in mind though that the Intro software only has basic looping, effects, doesn’t include sound effect expansion packs, and more. If you wish to have that, you would need to invest more. Additionally, Numark included a free Prime Loops remix toolkit with 6 sample packs with over 380 samples.
Pros & cons

• A solid look for the price.
• Tall jog wheels for more convenient track searching and pitch bending.
• Fairly functional touch strip and trigger pads.
• Dedicated filter and frequency controls per each channel.
• Long and precise pitch sliders.
• Onboard soundcard.
• Serato Intro software available after product registration.
• Includes Prime Loops remix toolkit.

• The pads are cumbersome and not as functional as you might expect.
• It would make more sense if the effects were controlled by dedicated knobs.

So overall, Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is a great DJ controller for the money. It offers many things that other controllers at this price point don’t have. Apart from that, it is a brilliant continuation to the older Mixtrack Pro II. If you are looking for a DJ controller to start your DJing with, Mixtrack Pro 3 may be the best choice out there!


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