Step by Step tips for hwo to start Djing!The essence of a party lies in its music, we all are a believer of that, isn’t it? Yes, we are! And who owns the show in the party spot, none but the DJ. The experience could be too good or too bad, it all depends on who is the DJ, and if you are associated with the field in one way or the other, you might already know that djing is not something to be learned overnight. It requires a lot of practice, skills, and hard work, as that is when an individual turns out to be the best DJ. So, here’s below we’ll tell you about how to start djing.

Step by step guide!

DJ play in PublicPlay in public– Djing is all about playing in the crowd, there should be a crowd of people to dance and enjoy on your tunes, because if you are not playing in the crowd, you are basically, practicing. To start, you can visit a DJ shop, and get the cheap DJ controller, as that’s how you can move to your dreams one step after the other.

Record your mixes– A listener is the best adviser and this way you could be your own critique. Work on the best DJ setup, start practicing on a small DJ controller and go ahead with more advanced equipment once you get the hang of what you are currently trying your hand on. Record your mixes, and always leave a scope to do better in future.

Know phrase matching– Learn to line up the phrases, you should eventually know how to match the best, it is a more important skill to acquire. Music actually happens in phrases when you are djing, and thus, you should know how to mix match to create the most musical and unique tune out of your experience and skill. This is how to start djing in the real sense.

Share DJ MusicShare your music–  Always make extra efforts to share your music with the best DJ’s as that’s exactly how to start djing in its best form. You need to use the best DJ machine, you tend to bring up the best DJ mixer for beginners, start practicing on them, climb up the expertise step by step and achieve what you have been actually looking out for.

Listen to other’s skill– And yes, most importantly, listen to what other counterparts are playing. People with skills are doing wonderful job out there in the field, you actually need to hear what’s going around, take your lessons from each and every one who has the potential to teach, and this is when you learn not only from your experiences, but also from the experiences that other float in the market.

This is exactly how to start djing, you cannot be a pro in the very beginning of it, it is a skill, an art that before is performed, needs to be acquired, learned and practiced. Give much time and efforts to bring out the best of your ability.

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